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español eXtra is a website created and maintained by a practising modern languages teacher in the UK with 20 years' teaching experience for teachers and learners of Spanish at all levels. We all wish to use ICT in our teaching but know that finding relevant content for Spanish lessons on the Internet can be a hit and miss affair. There are many 'OK' sites but do they give you the resources you are precisely looking for? Probably not....for this reason, español eXtra was conceived back in 2006 to respond to the demands of teachers and learners by providing good quality interactive or printable resources appropriate to the curriculum needs of all. Whether using a PC or an iPad/Android tablet in a classroom, a class set of PCs in an IT suite or the Interactive Whiteboard, español eXtra is the ideal resource for keeping learners attentive, interested and motivated. The resources have gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years as web technologies have developed.

español eXtra is an ever-developing resource with content being added all the time - are your text books updated several times a week after you purchase them? español eXtra IS updated regularly. There is no more compelling reason than this to make español eXtra your FIRST choice for learning and teaching Spanish online.

And finally...........the español-eXtra philosophy.

español eXtra aims to :-

* Provide teachers with effective teaching tools in the form of interactive exercises for use in the classroom.

* Provide learners with a motivating set of resources to consolidate and further their progress.

* Give users a rich environment in which to undertake independent learning.

* Provide innovative and enriching resources for teachers and learners to use

* Make the process of learning Spanish FUN, MOTIVATING and REWARDING.

* Make effective use of the technology of the classroom.

With over 60,000 unique accesses per month, español eXtra has proved to be a welcome addition to many teachers' and learners' resources. Why not take advantage yourself !

Thank you for using español-eXtra.....y ¡ BUENA SUERTE !
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Here are some of the comments users have made about español eXtra

"The site is quite simply the best there is - the kids love the games especially penalty shoot-out
but Yrs 12 and 13 use it loads as well. Thank you for all your hard work." (T Carter)

"Your website is fantastic!" (D Brake)

"My colleagues and I (and our students!) really enjoy using the different resources on your website,
it's fantastic!" (F Sánchez Del Río)

"My pupils love using your website. I feel that the site caters really well for all my pupils. I use the site with my beginner classes as well as my most advanced students. Thanks for all your hard work in creating a website that is truly motivational and educational. " (K Thomson)

"Your site has become indispensible! Thank you so much for all your work on it" (A Kearey)

"Our school is lucky enough to have interactive Smartboards in all classrooms.
The Spanish students love your site." (M Hernandez)

"Many thanks for this website - teachers and students enjoy and benefit from this greatly" (A Vicary)

"I LOVE your site! (C Whitbread)

"A wonderful resource!" (A Delgado-Flores)

"Thank you for a great resource! (A Marquez)

"I think your site is brilliant!" (M Nullens)

"I regularly use your website with my classes to revise vocabulary and I love it!
I think you've done a fantastic job." (A Villarejo)

"May I take this opportunity to say that your website is excellent!" (L Martin)

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"I have recently discovered the site, and I have been thoroughly impressed with the activities on offer.
My pupils love it!" (A Corr)

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"I should like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this excellent site which my students find very motivating. Thank you." (M Sherliker)

"Many thanks for some great resources." (L Dunn)

"I absolutely love your website for my Spanish students. They love it too!" (J Bond)

"We have interactive whiteboards at our school and your website engages our foreign language students with such ease!" (M Kuhne)

"This is an invaluable site, for students and hard-pressed teachers like me!" (S Dunnett)

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"As a teacher of Spanish I use this site often and find it extremely useful.
My pupils are very enthusiastic about it." (M Soler)

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